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Pre-sale has finished successfully!
Raised funds: 3.316.000 USD
ICO starts on 9th of April, 10:00 UTC
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Taklimakan Network is a decentralized investment and educational business platform for cryptocurrency
investors, traders, analysts being a connecting resource between beginners and experts.
Trading tools
Trading signals, strategies,
and recommendations from
professional traders is available
for all platform users
with subscription. Even professional trading experts encourage the use of cryptocurrency bots that can trade 24 hours a day on one's behalf. Check the Trading Robots Vergleich 2023 blog to find various reliable trading bots and start trading for high profits.
Investment pools
Investment portfolios formed
by experienced managers and
selected on the basis of
platform recommendations
and user voting ratings.
Anyone can make a contribution
to trust management in order
to increase capital
Analytical reviews of the crypto
asset market and reports
on blockchain projects prepared
by experienced experts and sent
to the platform users.
Based on the reviews, users
can find the most profitable
and correct investment solution.
Education materials
Blockchain technology
knowledge library for beginners
and experts with constant
updates and additions.
Books, articles and other
materials in the public access
for increasing the level
of knowledge and self-education.
Crowd predictions
Forecasting cryptocurrencies
exchange rates behavior
and other analytical statements
based on the derivation of
the mean value from
the collection of data on the
responses of all participants.
A unique tool for
decision-making in
an independent trade
and investment.

The platform is made by the leading
professionals of financial software
developing, especially for

If you are Crypto-enthusiasts - you get an access to educational materials, webinars, selected products for trading, and to communication with experienced analysts and traders with good recommendations
If you are Investor - you can use recommendations of experts for independent trading and investments, based on the opinion of experienced traders and analysts. Also you can find someone to entrust the management of your capital.
If you are Expert (trader or analyst) - you can use our platform to earn, sharing your forecasts and making the distributions for platform’s subscribers. Sharing to subscribers with your reviews of cryptocurrencies and reports about startups, you can earn money and increase your rating in community if they are correct.


Simplicity and ease of use, modern design solution
and convenient functionality make the Taklimakan
Network platform an indispensable assistant
for individual investment in crypto assets.

for professionals

Taklimakan Network is a reliable tool of earnings
for professionals. Each expert can share his trading
and analytical abilities with others for a fee.
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for users

Newbies of crypto markets can increase their
investment skills in crypto assets, get professional
analysis of blockchain start-ups and increase
their capital, at the expense of managers.

How it works

Taklimakan Network is an investment and educational platform for individual investors, analysts and traders, which enable any user, regardless of his or her knowledge, individually take professional investment decisions, because of the different educational, analytical and trading tools, reviews
and other platform products
The investor can successfully trade and
multiply his capital, by basing his decisions
on the recommendations of the traders.
The trader receives the proceeds
from investors who follow his
trading recommendations.
An investor can successfully invest
and increase his capital by relying
on the analysis provided.
The analyst receives proceeds
from investors for providing
professional reports and reviews.
The investor can successfully receive
passive income by putting his capital
in the trust management.
The trust manager gets the opportunity
to receive constant stream of earnings
by attracting capital from investors
in the trust management.

Development technologies

These technologies and languages will be used for the platform development:

ICO conditions

Token information: Taklimakan Network
Token symbol: TKLN
Token standard: Ethereum ERC20
Token price at Pre-sale: 1 TKLN = 0,025 USD
Token price on ICO: 1 TKLN = 0,05 USD
Token supply at Pre-sale: 100.000.000 TKLN
Token supply at ICO: 550.000.000 TKLN
Total token supply: TKLN
Soft cap: 5.000.000 USD
Hard cap: 27.500.000 USD
Accepted currency: BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, LTC, NEO,
Unsold tokens: Will be burned
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  • 4. Reserve
  • 5. Team, Advisors, Early Contributors
  • 6. ICO
Total - TKLN
  • Product development
  • Marketing
  • Administrative expenses
  • Legal costs


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October - November
February - March
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June - July
August - September


An international team
of professional investors,
traders, analysts, marketers
and blockchain developers.
Rashid Yussup
Chief Executive Officer
A skilled investor with more than 9 years of experience in financial markets. Founder of the investment focused on asset management. A high professional in developing trading strategies and building investment portfolios. The ideological inspirer and innovator of IT projects, with experience more than 2 years. He invests in the cryptocurrency market since 2014. More than 8 years of entrepreneurial experience in the offline business in UAE and Kazakhstan. Professional hobby – film directing.
Rustam Kairy
Chief Operating Officer
An entrepreneur, private investor, social and political activist. Over the course of his career he managed complex projects and was actively engaged in business development. FX and equity trader for more than 7 years, with 3 years in cryptocurrency trading. Previously, had an experience in creating and promoting online businesses in the markets of Kazakhstan.
Yong Ming Hong
Chief Financial Officer
Blockchain evangelist and professional expert in conducting detailed financial and economic analysis and evaluation of investment projects. Has significant experience in conducting pre-investment analysis on technological startups. Monitored and conducted an in-depth analysis of Asian startups. Moreover, participated in the development of fintech projects in Asian markets. Entrepreneurial experience specializing in online business in the Chinese market since 2004.
Berik Yernazar
Business Analyst
Has the great experience in managing and analyzing portfolios of bonds, equities and derivatives. Successfully graduated from the top ranked British University Cass Business School and was recognized as the best student of the university in 2015. He worked for Russell Investments, as an analyst for the government and corporate bonds market and also replaced the portfolio manager when required. Has an experience of managing a portfolio of 2 billion USD. Moreover, he also achieved good results in trading with cryptocurrencies and in the construction of an optimal portfolio with the best risk/return characteristics. Previous work experience include: Sanofi, Royal Bank of Scotland and Willis
Gregory Zaitsev
Blockchain Architecture
Responsible for Project, requirements and architecture management of blockchain solutions. Gregory has overall experience in software development over 17 years, which includes 4 years in information security, 10 years in PM/team lead role in US R&D; centers of Lenovo and ARCA, as well as application development for Linux, Windows, and Android. Representative of UseTech.
Constantine Pozdnikin
Blockchain | Front-end Developer
Proficient Front-end developer. Constantine specializes in front-end development and has deep experience in technologies like Angular, React, jQuery, JavaScript, Node.JS, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Mongo, CSS, HTML 5, and others. Representative of UseTech.
Bojan Trivic
Chief Analyst
Institutional investment management professional with deep expertise in global portfolio management in large hedge funds, as well as in trading, venture capital selection, financial engineering, consulting, high net worth investment management and advisory. Specialized in adopting institutional investment approaches to cryptocurrencies. Has an extensive experience working with leading investment banks and asset managers such as Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, HSBC, Nomura.
Sinichkin Alexander
Product Manager
With 10+ years of IT experience, Alexander is specialized in developing in back-end development in Python. He has deep experience in technologies like Python, Django, AioHTTP, Tornado, Postgres, Mongo, Celery, Redis, and others. Representative of UseTech.
Evgeny Shevtsov
UI/UX Designer
Evgeniy has extensive skills in designing for various platforms, as well as excellent knowledge of typography and composition, and features of interactive design. Skilled in the trends of web design and visual design in general. Acquainted with the principles of usability, UI / UX, Apple's GUI and Google Material Design
Alexey Repkin
IT Specialist
Web-developer, IT professional, programmer, administrator of networks and databases, moderator. Has a wide experience in the field of information security. A unique technical expert in the field of mining.
Tommy Petrov
Marketing Director
Co-founder and creative director of Dada Agency, whose main focuses are consulting and IT launches for global projects and brands. Studied visual communication and graphic design in HIT Israel, improved his qualifications in BBDO University (Paris), and Mentor Studying with Y Combinator graduate project founders in Silicon Valley, USA. Advertising experience in worldwide agencies more than 10 years, launching innovative IT startups for 4 years. Professional hobby – contemporary art.
Aysilu Khayrullina
Partnership Manager
Responsible for Product requirements – design, description and management of business processes. Having an Associate degree from Yeongjin College (Seoul, Korea) and a BSc in Data Analysis from Innopolis University (Kazan, Russia) Aisylu is a key team member in charge of research of user’s/customer’s needs, identification of important software functionality and detailed structuring of that functionality, all elements of the successful product design. Representative of UseTech.
Maralbek Zeinullin
Business Communication Manager
Responsible for business negotiations. Also engaged in administration of the community of the project and the news portal as a part of consulting the English-speaking audience. With a Bachelor's degree from the University of Arizona (USA) and work experience at Nazarbayev University, Maralbek is a key member of the international cooperation team.
Dmytro Krupych
Investment Manager
Responsible for coordination of employee's work schedule and its timely execution. Also has an experience in the management of competitiveness. Specialist in investor relations.
Sergei Gotsulyak
Product Manager
Experience in development and management in IT companies — software developers, cloud services and start-ups in high-tech. Sergey has important and non-trivial concepts: algorithms and data structures, an estimation of complexity of algorithms, OOP and patterns.
Svyatoslav Zhuk
Product Manager
Expertise in internet based projects. Experience as CIO in Russian and international companies from 2004 to 2007. He founded his own company inXL, specializing in the development and management of complex Internet projects. Since 2007, more than 100 projects have been successfully implemented, including e-commerce. Have a successful trading track record on MICEX/FORTS since 2014.
Viktoria Kovalenko
Community Relations Manager
Excellent skills in planning, organizing and maintaining workflow for senior management. She is also responsible for the preparation and visualization of different work materials, organization and support of negotiation processes and meetings.


Alexander Mitrovich
Advisor and Developer Relations
IT Executive with over 15 years of managerial experience in Global Technology Services and an entrepreneur who built several successful small and medium size international businesses. Blockchain enthusiast since 2015, Alexander builds the Blockchain Practice and runs Global Operations at USEtech, a 250+ person Software Development company. Having a MS in Engineering, and an MBA, as well as completing TGM Executive Education at INSEAD, Alexander started his IT career with FAME (now Sunguard) in New York. After that he was part of the Management team that built Luxoft (NYSE:LXFT), one of the largest Software Development companies to come out of Eastern Europe by serving top-tier Investment Banks like UBS and Deutsche Bank, Manufacturing and Energy companies. Prior to joining Usetech, Alexander created several EdTech startups and ran an IT consultancy.
Denny Liu
Investment Strategy Advisor
Real estate investment banking analyst with prior experience covering the healthcare and chemicals sectors at Barclays Investment Bank. Moreover, Denny worked at other reputable firms such as Lloyds, Santander and Cube Capital covering various roles. Previously graduated from the University of Cambridge with an MPhil in Management, and prior to that, ranked first among BSc Investment and Financial Risk Management graduates at Cass Business School.
Rakesh Shyam Kirpalani
Business Advisor
An experienced and successful entrepreneur in consumer electronics field, mobile devices, pharmaceuticals and real estate. As a clear leader and strategist, he managed to optimize the business processes of his projects. Owns and manages companies in UAE, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, India and in Africa Has a bachelor's degree in Commerce, College of Podar, Mumbai, India.
Jeonggon Mun
Strategic Advisor
Jeonggon Mun is working as an ICO technical analyst and a blockchain developer. Jeonggon had successfully finished his own ICO, Linker Coin. Currently, he is the CEO of BlockBank and also advising various ICOs around the world. He obtained his Master of Financial Engineering at UC Berkeley. He also has 10 years of working experience in quantitative development, Market Making & HFT trading in leading multinational investment institutions. John’s finance and engineering background supported him strongly in blockchain industry and gained deep knowledge in Smart Contract development and managing cryptocurrency exchanges.
Mohamed Ali Bouhjra
Investment Strategy Advisor
Senior investment analyst at CBRE Global Investors covering real estate financing. Previous work experience includes LaSalle Investment Management, Marks and Spencer and PwC. Previously graduated from the University of Cambridge with an MPhil in Real Estate Finance, and prior to that, ranked first among BSc Investment and Finance in Property graduates at University of Reading.
Chuang Pei-Han
Strategic Advisor
Co-founder of Morpheus Labs ICO project. Serial entrepreneur who raised multi-million funding and grew one of his startups to a million dollar generating business. Graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
Andrey Korbolin
Business Advisor
Professional business planner. An internal control systems specialist, analysis and modeling of business processes, optimization from "difficult to implement" to "working" business model in the constantly changing principles of the market. He manages identification, analysis and approval of requirements for changes in business processes, analysis of corporate policies and data systems, as well as a control of developed and implemented processes and recommendations for the introduction of new technologies for business optimization.
Vladislav Sudin
Advisor and Investor Relations
More than 5 years successfully engaged in the development of projects for small and medium-sized businesses. Director of Accelerator StartON, CEO of SioCoin. Project Management Specialist. Specialist in investor relations.
Valentina Drofa
PR Advisor
CEO of Drofa Communication Agency and ICOPR Agency. Member of the Financial Education Council and Consumer Protection of the CIS countries. Constant columnist in Forbes Magazine. She graduated from the economics faculty of Saint Petersburg University with Business Management degree.




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